-   14 CNC machines
-   CMM and probing features for dimensional control
-   State of the art CAD/CAM capabilities
-   Extensive machining capability incorporating Mazak, Chiron, Haas, Okuma, and Do-All machinery
-   Machining center capable of machining parts in sizes over 48" in length and weighing hundreds of pounds
-   Quantities range from one piece to thousands of units, assembly also available
-   Pressure testing and pressure washing to meet mil-a-por specifications
Heat Treatment
-   Heat treating processes are available at our plant. We use Drop Bottom type solution furnaces which can process up to 2,500 lbs.-per batch. Our processes can heat treat to T4. T5, T6, T61, T7. T71 and full anneal levels.
Pattern Shop Facilities
-   CAD capabilities using Pro Engineering and Surf Cam
-   Complex dry sand molds to simple match plates
-   CAD to pattern capabilities
-   Tool construction through CAD files to Fadal CNC
-   Supports concurrent engineering capabilities
-   In house impregnation facility able to process a wide variety of castings
Hot Isostatic Pressing (HIP)
-   Local source is available to provide a full range of densification processes