Ross combines the most efficient foundry methods with the best core productions, molding methods and casting process:

Molding Equipment
-   Matchplate production
-   Cope and drag production
-   All core production (dry sand)
-   Programmable core loop system
-   Automatic molding systems
- Hunter HMP 20 (20"x26")
- Beardsley and Piper (20"x26")
-   Machine molding
-   Floor molding
-   Level pour techniques
-   40x70 British Cope and Drag
-   Osborne Cope and Drag
-   Permanent molding
Machine Shop
USAC Ross Machine Shop Division includes state of the art CNC lathes and machining centers. This improves our ability to better serve our customer needs and demands. We understand that in order to meet today's machining requirements; technology is of major importance in maintaining rigid quality standards, meeting on-time deliveries, and being competitive in quoting jobs.
-   In-house, machine tools consist of Mazak, Monarch, Okuma, Haas, Chiron, Do-All, and Quantum work centers. Along with five VMC's, HMC, and several lathes coupled with three-shift operation give Ross the ability to be quite flexible.
-   Machining centers capable of machining parts in sizes over 48 inches in length and weighing hundreds of pounds.
-   Other capabilities include pressure testing pressure washing, mil-a-por specifications, CMM and probing features, as well as state of the art CAD/CAM capabilities.
Pattern Shop
-   CAD capabilities using Pro Engineering, and Surf Cam
-   CAD to pattern capabilities
-   Tool construction through CAD files to Fadal CNC
-   Supports concurrent engineering activities
Core Making Equipment
    Redford Shell Machines
    Gaylord Core Making Stations
    B&P CB5,CB10, CB15,CB22
    Large Airset Loop
Other Equipment
-   Reverbatory Melting
-   Drop Bottom Heat Treat Furnace
-   Internal Radiographic inspection
-   Penetrant System
-   Impregnation System