USAC Ross has been supplying quality aluminum castings to a wide range of industries since founded by William Ross in 1931. The Division's headquarters and manufacturing facility is located in Sidney, Ohio.

The Ross philosophy explains how the quality of our workers have enabled Ross to continue forward and reflect the unsurpassable value of our product. We hold to what William Ross said years ago: "...a company is nothing more or less than a group of people who have voluntarily joined together in a common enterprise. The things they build and produce are the result of the intrinsic character of the people themselves and the way they have responded to the challenges of their times".

USAC Ross is recognized as a leading manufacturer of high quality premium castings and serves a wide range of industrial, automotive, aerospace, and military customers. Ross has met the challenges of the past with vigor and innovation.

- Founded in 1931
- Located in Sidney, Ohio (30 miles from Dayton Ohio)
- Buildings: 230,000 square feet

Our Vision:

Our vision is to create an organization where every employee has sufficient training and skills coupled with the creative freedom to contribute to the benefit of USAC Ross and our Customers.

We are a manufacturer of value-added cast products to a diverse market. We respect our customers and are resolved to always meet our commitment in a fair and consistent manner.